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I promise a real post soon!

but in the meantime here is a brief update on me and mine.

I am still enjoying swimming.

Still walking to school daily  and home again – 2 more days and I will have completed the two week requirement to cross off another thing on my list……side effects….I am actually noticing a difference in my fitness level…AND there is still almost 1/4 of a tank of petrol in my car despite the fact that payday (and hence fill up day) was yesterday.

Tomorrow is clean up/get a plumber/baking day.  After Corey’s swim lesson that is – but that is early – 9.30. On the menu for the baking…..12 dozen tartlet cases (with barley flour, ground hazelnuts and honey) for the viking feast on Saturday and banana muffins for the boys – will be freezing some for school snacks.

kids are doing well but are little monkeys as usual. Big ones are enjoying school.

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Yesterday I sat inside all day with my boys. The aircon was on, the TV on playhouse disney…..I had no idea what was going on not so very far away.

I know people who live in and around Kinglake and the other affected areas. The last two winters we have spent a few days in Marysville. I fell in love with that little town – I can’t believe the whole town is gone! No snow trip this year – nowhere to stay and yet that is such a tiny thing – so many people have lost their lives, their homes and their livelihoods. Houses are insurable, photos are not replaceable, lives are not either and with all the businesses gone will people have jobs to be able to afford to rebuild. Whole communities gone – can they be rebuilt?

Every time I look at the news the death toll has climbed further.  Most people I know in the affected area are ok, I have yet to hear from a couple but am hoping they are safe.

It’s things like this that make me realise just how lucky  I am just to be home to have my boys to be safe.

God bless the CFA guys and keep them safe.

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50 things by 50 update

# 2 finish my new kitchen – STILL working on it – anyone know a draftsman near Werribee?
#23 almost half way there – looking good to be completed by the end of next week!
#26 could say it is done but giving time to allow for more improve – can swim but could do better – not sure I’d last a whole 50m lap as yet due to fitness level mostly!
#25 take the boys to the beach – DONE – while in Adelaide – forgot it was on the list. Photos to come!
those are the three I’m working on at present….

also thinking about several others.

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I love the Book Depository

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