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community minded – or just plain dumb?

not sure but after all the bad things I have heard about kinder committee’s in the past suddenly I appear to be on fact you can just call me Madam President from now on ROFL!  oh dear not sure how that happened…

still it is part of my grand plan for the rest of my life….huh I hear you say?

In the past year I have been a bit muddle headed and disorganised and have done a lot of living in my own little bubble….it doesn’t feel like I’ve had that much on but I guess looking back I have

separated from my husband of 7.5yrs

refinanced my house (1.5 times – in the throws of doing it again)

researched and bought a car all by myself for the first time (including arranging finance for it)

had my gallbladder out (oh yay cause we really were NOT getting along

bought a BUSINESS and kept it running including adding many things to it and having a stand at a trade show.

I’ve also made new friends, died a streak of my hair purple (ok it is blonde most the time as the purple doesn’t seem to want to hold) and realised that sitting back and watching life go by isn’t the way it is meant to be!

So it might have taken me 30+ years to learn it but I guess I’m saying you only get out what you put in…time to get out there and start doing stuff and being a part of this community (I’m gunna be involved in the kinder with the boys for a few years yet afterall)

so call me crazy (cause I probably am) but there you go….I actually wasn’t planning to do this when I left for the meeting tonight though ah well we make choices sometimes we think a lot about them and sometimes we just stumble across them – lets hope the committee all just get along though!

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at least I got that done…

ever have one of those days where you seem to be running around in circles and getting bugger all done?


Oh good – I’m not the only one then! However ex was due to bring the kids back at 7.30 and right about then I got sick of seeing the curtain rod on the floor/chair so I got out my drill and screws and screwdriver and it is now back up where it belongs – and all b4 the kids got home….so tonight when I go inside wondering what I did with my whole day I will at least be able to say

at least I got that done!

oh and I guess I have had some things crossed off my to do list of late….


Scrapbooking Event Calendar

oh and of course I went to the fire station for the kinder excursion this morning….tomorrow when I go back again the other kids and kinder teacher will be there too….oops!

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Things are moving along…

I had a meeting with the bank yesterday about a new loan to transfer the house into my name.  Looking good to be done just b4 Christmas at this stage.  Valuer called at 5 to nine this morning and was out here by 4pm today all done just have to wait a few days for that to get back to the bank but it SHOULD be ok as it was valued only 7-8 months ago and that was just fine.  Have also been getting the conveyancer sorted out so it is onwards and upwards we go.

I had a very good chat with the early intervention woman today about Owen too.   I asked last time I spoke to her about the possibility of him seeing a psychologist because of a few issues especially as he seems to get anxious/stressed and toilet training goes backwards and it was brushed off with a we will see how it goes next year.  Well she actually doesn’t recall saying that but apologised!  She has now promised to look into for me as on discussion with kinder teacher it has been noted that while he talks my bloody ear off he doesn’t talk much at kinder at all.  Also when I took him to the Show in Adelaide I saw him visibly tense when we went in and relax when we came out.  He doesn’t like new places or a lot of change…and is scared to do #2s in the toilet (like you all needed to know that lol)….all seems to point to an anxiety problem which she acknowledged so at last we may be getting somewhere.  See the pead on Thursday next week too and have some stuff to discuss with him…hopefully we will see some progress in the new year.

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Look what I did!!

I finally got around to installing and setting up the new calendar for top50!

Still adding things but this will replace our cybercrop calendar as well as our submissions section in the forum. Still getting a bit of find tuning but basically done!

lots more to say but not now ….am going to bed!

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I’m tired today – well a lot lately. But everytime I get time to myself I end up achieving very little. I dropped the kids off at their Dads for the weekend tonight and have just enjoyed some peace and quiet. Am went to help a friend to move some things and then took the rest of the evening to get my scraproom/office tidied up as it is currently a disaster area.
All this time I have laboured/procrastinated under the misbelief that knowledge is power and now Sandi Givens not only suggests that it isn’t but PROVES it… check out the questions she asks on pages 13-14 of her book sample (available for free to download)! I sat here with mouth drooped open at how spot on she was!

Power is in ACTIONS not knowledge.   So thank you Sandi. I listened to the cd last night – the one I bought at the auction at the getaway and hadn’t gotten around to listening to yet) while I was actually CLEANING up my scraproom/office. My desk is now tidy and what a huge difference it makes to my ability to function properly at ‘work’.

So off to work – I want to get my emails sent off in the next hour so I have time for a quick flit to my LSS for something then home to play – because I CHOOSE to spend a little time being creative today!

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’tis the season…

The Christmas season is upon us.  While many shrug their shoulders at the consumerism of Christmas Trees appearing in stores earlier and earlier, I am looking forward to Christmas with joy in my heart.

I know that many complain that Christmas has lost it’s meaning in the consumer world but I ask you…how can it lose it’s meaning? only if you let it go..only if you give in to the rush of spending, the stress of finding the perfect gift, the perfect decoration…

I have been looking for a nativity set.  One that isn’t made of china (and easily broken), one that isn’t downright ugly, one that comes with all the pieces separate so the kids can set it up.  Now I was brought up in a Catholic family and was a regular church goer as a child.  That stopped when I moved away from home but this year I have an urge to teach my children the real meaning of Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Santa.  I love the rush of excitement on Christmas morning. I love the delight of their little faces as they rip into their presents.  I love the joy of giving – of finding just the right present (note not the most expensive present but the RIGHT one).  Anyway I’m drifting off course….I looked high and low all over town for an affordable, not unattractive, child friendly nativity set and couldn’t find one. Still I think that I may have made my Mum’s day when I asked her to look for one for me – had already asked her to find me a book as I had little luck and she works near a big Catholic book shop.

Our tree isn’t up yet.  Although I’m tempted I think it is too soon. Too long for the kids…let them wait until the 1st December.  I love to watch the kids decorate our tree.  I don’t care if things are a little lopsided…in fact I might just take pictures of the 5 decorations hanging from the same spot to scrap.  I treasure the handmade decorations my children make over the pretty store bought ones.  I value the family time we spend decorating the tree.

I have many of the presents organised – I do love the Santa bit I told you.  But mostly what I love about Christmas is that we actually – amidst the rush and bustle of it all – take some time to THINK about each other.  To buy/make a gift that means something to someone who we care about. To send a card that says I’m thinking of you and I care.  And the reason for the rush and bustle is often because we are off having dinners and lunches and get-to-gethers with people that we simply don’t find the TIME for in our everyday lives.
Sometimes life is too harsh.  I had some news today that left me in tears – but not nearly the devastation for the person involved.  I wish I could reach out with a magic wand and undo it.  I can’t do that – no one can.  But what I can do is relish each and every day of MY life.  Enjoy each and every day that I get to see my children’s bright smiles. Treasure every moment that those skinny little arms wrap around my neck, every kiss and every ‘bop’ on the nose.

But whilst I love my kids, I must not forget to look outside that inner circle and treasure my FRIENDS.  My friends who help me without question day or night when I call, my friends who notice if I go ‘awol’ for a little while and check on me, my friends who take stunning photos and refuse to let me pay for them, my friends who help me daily on my website, my friends who are FRIENDS as well as family, my friends who I can count on to help me up when I fall.

There is enough negativity in the world these days.  Let us make it our mission in life not to be drowned in negativity.  Let us make it our mission in life to spread happiness and to support one another.  Lets remember that we are all people, not just names but real people with real feelings.  Lets remember that Christmas is the season of GIVING. Lets find the joy in giving again.

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getaway is looming. House sitter has the key & knows where the cat food is and when bin night is….clothes are packed. Doona cover in the dryer. Done a bit of top50 stuff. Server is being moved – or at least I think so on Friday afternoon so that should get rid of those ‘too many connections’ etc time errors and speed the site up too….

So now just to pack my scrap gear and drop the kids off at Daddys in the morning….surely it isn’t going to be hard….I mean really….how long will it take to sort through it and pack the stuff I need….wanna see?

DSCF7025.JPGI am excited really – can’t wait to be on the road…..just might take me a while to get my gear in the car to go!

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I love the Book Depository

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