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ultrasound results….

nothing too alarming it seems although bile duct apparently is inflamed which seems to agree with the suggestion that I have passed a gallstone….however continuing pain seems to indicate a problem and ultrasound couldn’t rule out a stone blocking the bile duct… step ring around the list of surgeons the dr at emergency gave me and get earliest appointment I can…it would seem that most likely my gallbladder is coming out sooner rather than later…… this stage I don’t care so long as the pain goes away so I can function normally again!

I am concerned that I may have to stop feeding Corey. Ultimately if I have to then I have to he goes on a bottle and it isn’t the end of the world but hopefully the surgeon will be understanding that I wish to continue and try to help me along that path if it is possible………shall wait and see I guess…….

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I spoke too soon

seems that not long after my last post it came back again! It has been a long lasting but not quite as intense pain. I spent several hours in hot shower before I decided 3 days was enough and I couldn’t do it anymore. My friend came to the rescue as Steve was out. She took the big kids to her place and left them with her partner and her friend and then took corey and i to the hospital where miraculously I only waited for about 5 minutes before they saw me. The popped a cannula in and took blood and then gave me some pethadeine – man that is good stuff even if it does make the walls move! Waited around for blood tests, no infection but liver function a bit abnormal they suspect I may have passed a small stone. Gave me some panadiene forte to take home and a script – lost the tablets b4 i got to the car so stopped just before chemist closed to get script. Finally rolled into bed painfree at about 1am after some panadeine forte as the two shots of pethadeine had worn off. If pain continues (well it’s already started again – took some panadiene forte and hoping that will ease it and if it doesn’t make me drowsy can still take kids to b’day party) then I’m to have ultrasound on monday again to see whats happening. Have a list of surgeons to call to try toget an earlier appointment as I could only get 22nd feb…….seems I might have to give in and let them take it out.

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What a crappy week!

Well I finally recovered from the bloody gallstone attack (but not from the heat) so YAY!

but now my washing machine has died! NOT HAPPY!! It went along happily til it got to spin and then cracked it and wouldn’t spin just made a sad little whiny noise (lol a bit like me)!

So I’m trying desperately to scrounge some funds to pay to get it repaired – have done it once before and know that i’m up for at least $100 just to get someone here to look at the bloody thing!

and it is still wayyyy toooo hot hate the heat……….

girls are coming over to scrap tonight – hope it cools a bit so I can clean up in here and so i can actually scrap!

tomorrow we are off to a 4yrold bday party adn they have air con….bliss!

It’s dh’s bday today but he is going to the wrestling tonight with his mates hence my scrap night!

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I’m over it

over it…totally over it! I’m over this heat and over the bloody gallstones……..havne’t had another attack but have had pain all day – almost like an internal bruising kind of pain dunno hard to describe………..took my ultrasound to see gp – bloody useless….except to say that last nights episode could have been triggered by dehydration. Also said can’t give me panadeine forte as codine in it can make it worse so gave me some buscapam – hmmm took some 5-10min ago and so far no relief…..not hopeful – waste of bloody money i think………will have to see surgeon (he gave me referral) but he will jsut want to whip it out…….i don’t want to have to stop feeding corey and am not sure how it will go – I guess this is all stuff I’ll have to discuss with the surgeon really. right now i jsut want the pain to go away and it to bloody cool down so that i can get some work done……..not gunna happen tomorrow anyway as it is dh’s bday – have yet to wrap his pressies which i spent way too much on!

athanks for all the tea and sympathy too btw – i’m just having a grumble (where I thought no one was really listening lol)

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Who would have thought with all the jokes as a child that I would ever have to actually face these (my maiden name being Gall)! It’s funny though – I just never realised that the biggest risk factors in getting them is being fat (tick), female (tick), 30-40yrs old (tick) and fertile – as in having had kids (tick again)……so here I am with my gallstones……..solution i’m told is an op……..don’t want to have it now while i’m breastfeeding…….option 2 manage with diet – cut out food that triggers episodes – so far icecream and cinnabon – I can live with that!

Had another attack last night – ouch! it really does hurt like all bloody hell! and during the whole episode i’m thinking – ‘i might have that op after all’ and 30minutes after it subsides i’m thinking ‘nah i’ll manage’

want my advise – don’t get gallstones rofl!

January 26, 2006 at 1:07 pm 4 comments

Weighing up my morning

well on the bright side I was awake…which meant I was alive & breathing
on the down side my neck and shoulder hurt like hell (I picked up Corey awkardly yesterday evening but thought the pain would go away – instead it got worse).
on the up side Corey was crying…which meant he is also alive & breathing
on the down side that mean I had to move to pick him up – moving hurts
on the down side he was very wet, but on the up side dh went to get nappy etc so I could change him there.
On the up side after his feed he was full of smiles and giggles
on the down side he threw up in my hair and on my face
on the up side the hot shower eased the pain in my neck a little

so umm I guess overall the morning has been more good than bad so far!

January 24, 2006 at 9:30 am 1 comment


well it seems that the heat isn’t ALL bad….it would appear to be the one thing in the world that puts the brakes on my two big boys! They have spent a lot of time inside and a lot less time running and making excessive amounts of noise……….in fact I almost miss it – if I wasn’t so bloody hot myself.

Had a bit of a stress/panic myself this morning! I went to update the front page of to show the date for the next cybercrop and I went and lost all the bloody images didn’t I! left it in frustration for a couple of hours then came back looked again and got it all worked out – without having to run to gabbie for help thankgoodness….it’s a relief as I was beginning to think I was an idiot!

now if i can jsut get my printer to download my photos to the computer like it used to I will indeed be happy.

January 20, 2006 at 3:34 pm 1 comment

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