community minded – or just plain dumb?

November 30, 2006 at 9:25 pm Leave a comment

not sure but after all the bad things I have heard about kinder committee’s in the past suddenly I appear to be on fact you can just call me Madam President from now on ROFL!  oh dear not sure how that happened…

still it is part of my grand plan for the rest of my life….huh I hear you say?

In the past year I have been a bit muddle headed and disorganised and have done a lot of living in my own little bubble….it doesn’t feel like I’ve had that much on but I guess looking back I have

separated from my husband of 7.5yrs

refinanced my house (1.5 times – in the throws of doing it again)

researched and bought a car all by myself for the first time (including arranging finance for it)

had my gallbladder out (oh yay cause we really were NOT getting along

bought a BUSINESS and kept it running including adding many things to it and having a stand at a trade show.

I’ve also made new friends, died a streak of my hair purple (ok it is blonde most the time as the purple doesn’t seem to want to hold) and realised that sitting back and watching life go by isn’t the way it is meant to be!

So it might have taken me 30+ years to learn it but I guess I’m saying you only get out what you put in…time to get out there and start doing stuff and being a part of this community (I’m gunna be involved in the kinder with the boys for a few years yet afterall)

so call me crazy (cause I probably am) but there you go….I actually wasn’t planning to do this when I left for the meeting tonight though ah well we make choices sometimes we think a lot about them and sometimes we just stumble across them – lets hope the committee all just get along though!

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at least I got that done… stay away from here people!

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