My Divorce was granted today…

May 8, 2008 at 3:06 pm Leave a comment

You know I have been writing this blog now for over two years…wow it doesn’t seem so long ago. It was February 2006 that I decided that some major changes were needed in my life and now today I sat in my scrap room and listened to a judge say that he was satisfied with everything and stated that the divorce was granted.

Now I know it has only been an hour and a half and maybe other feelings will kick in later but really – honestly – all I got was relief. Well relief and a sudden thought that perhaps, just maybe I might change my surname back to my maiden name after all. I had been thinking of just leaving it but am having second thoughts as it seems a bit odd to not change it all of a sudden (dunno why yesterday it didn’t bother me lol) will have to have a think about that and see.

So tis over, due to the public holiday for the queen’s birthday the divorce won’t be final until the 10th June 2009 but final it will be and really it feels…right.

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