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a quick update

my morning – got Owen to kinder 15min late – it was raining! That was unexpected and I still can’t find Owen’s raincoat – which really is too small and has to be handed down to brett but i’ve yet to buy him a new one either! So we all got wet – he had to change his pants when we got there poor boy. HE seemed very nervous and didn’t want to play much but I suspect partly that was because I stayed to feed Corey. He said he had fun and he brought home some artwork which indicates that he did join in eventually. I do worry about my boy sometimes. I know that his social skills are way behind (because of his speech) and I so don’t want him to feel left out and alienated through all of his school years. But I don’t ewant to be the overprotective mummy either. I so wanted to stay and ask how he was doing etc etc but pick up seems so rushed and I felt a bit in the way of all the other mums too so will let it go for a week or so til things calm down.

I chased up my scan appointment – 9.15 am monday morning. So will have that done and hope that nothing shows up where it shouldn’t be. Surgeon will give me a date very soon and it will be full steam ahead.

meanwhile I put the online application in to refinance the homeloan. We are hoping to get enough extra to buy a 2nd car for ME – a people mover (2nd hand) been looking about and think I can get a decent one for around $15000 but even if I can’t get that much extra will look for a cheaper one. It is just too hard to do up Owen’s seatbelt with the seats jammed in so tight – and it would be nice to have room to take their friends places too as they get older.

Now i’m off inside to try to do some clearing out!

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