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my day and some random thoughts…

I spent the entire day at Lost in Time annoying Sue today lol! I went on the pretence of repping the new AED Bubs n buds range (yum go check it out) and showing her some stuff online etc but you know I did maybe 30min of what I intended to do and managed to spend the rest of the day just nattering! (next time will take my scrap stuff and play) in fact I think I might actually head over one day JUST to play for the HELL OF IT! It was fun and I think I needed some time out with all the crap going on lately.

so updates on the crap
paperwork faxed to credit union minus a couple of things we coudln’t find hoping it will be sufficient anyway guess I’ll find out tomorrow!
Results of scan show no stones where they shouldn’t be so got the green light for surgery – yay – umm I think lol! Now just have to wait for a date from the hospital – apparently I’m on the urgent list but don’t know how long that is ?!

and some random thoughts…
isn’t it funny how when you make a major decision in life things change even while they stay the same…sometimes just making the decision (even before you act on it necessarily) makes everything seem easier and lifts a weight you didn’t know was there….like nothing has changed except for your perspective on life and yet at the same time…everything has changed….I don’t know if I am making any sense at all today so if you have no clue then just pretend you didn’t read this bit rofl!

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