Just a boy and a teddy

February 13, 2006 at 4:35 pm 2 comments

Just a boy & his teddy ….or so it seems….

Well in all the cleaning and moving Owen today found this teddy. Mummy’s teddy. Yes that’s right he found my teddy, the teddy that Santa brought me when I was 4 (incidently the same age Owen is now). I told him that teddy’s name was John and that he was old so he’d have to play carefully……..then he came running in to tell me that John was having a swing! Ok so this may seem like nothing special but to me it is just amazing. Amazing that my teddy can still bring joy to a 4yr old….amazing that somewhere there may well exist a very similar picture to this one but with me in it instead of Owen…amazing that John is still in one piece (well thanks to mum sewing back together a few times I guess). You see I remember playing with John, we did lots of things together when I was younger. Also amazing that my boy is displaying such an awesome imagination!

And an update on my day….I slept in the master bedroom last night at last! I had my mrcp scan this morning. No one had thought to tell me that it involved a hospital surgical type gown – well the paperwork with details arrived in the post when I got home – so….there I was being asked to strip down and put a gown on – only leaving my underpants oh Yay!….so there I am reading the cars guide (because i’m hoping to buy a new 2nd hand car soon) and i’m thinking that had I known about the whole gown thing I would have shaved my legs and put on nicer knickers lol! oh well all done just waiting for results…..

and now trying to find a pile of paperwork to fax to credit union for mortgage refinancing (and extra for my new 2nd hand people mover).

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One tiny step for mankind…one BIG step for Jude my day and some random thoughts…

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  • 1. ~Kathryn~  |  February 17, 2006 at 11:06 pm

    how cute
    i still have my teddy – his name is “horatio hornblower” LOL

  • 2. soovee  |  February 21, 2006 at 9:32 am

    hey! YOu still have JOhn, I should bring KIM over to play with him one day!


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